Powerhoop group exercise classes are the hottest new trend in fitness that is scientifically proven firm up the abs and strengthen the back. Powerhoop is a high energy cardio and resistance training class that runs for 45 minutes and involves a variety of muscular, strength and endurance exercises as well as hoop routines.

The Powerhoop is 70% more effective than a traditional hoop at activating your core muscles, and much easier to master due to the large size.


♡ Powerhoop's full circle training doesn't just strengthen the core muscles it improves core stability

♡ Powerhoop can be used as a resistance tool for a variety of cardio and strength training exercises

♡ Enhances coordination, balance, flexibility and lower back strength and can reduce back reduce pain

♡ Improves muscle tone and can lead to inches lost around the waist and hip areas up to 7.5cm over a 6 week period!

♡ Can burn up to 700 calories per session!

♡ Boosts body image, self confidence and emotional well-being... and it's fun!

To register your interest for a Powerhoop class in your area please get in touch.


Don't worry if you don't know how to hoop, the class is ideal for everyone and the specially weighted hoop makes it even easier to start hooping. Come along and meet our team of certified Powerhoop instructors who will show you the way and help get your twirl on.

Check out the video below and see!